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The company which was founded in 2005 is headquartered  in Ankara and has branch offices at İstanbul and İzmir and the company provides air ambulance and ground ambulance services.

Dolunay Ambulans Inc. provides emergency mobile health services to individual and corporate customers with its outstanding service quality, fully equipped air ambulances and ground ambulances in accordance with Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health norms and international standards.

Our Mission

To be fast, high quality, reliable in the field of air and land ambulance, which is the cornerstone of mobile health services, and to expand this service in Turkey and around the world. To keep the satisfaction of patients and their relatives at the highest level and to be accessible in terms of cost.

Our Vision

Our company’s mission is to be fast, high-class, trustworthy in the fields of air ambulance and ground ambulance services which are cornerstones of emergency mobile health services and to extend these services all across Turkey and world ; to please patients and relatives of patients at top level and to be affordable for everyone.

Fully Equipped Ambulances Fully Equipped Ambulances
24/7 Non-Stop Air and Ground Ambulance Service 24/7 Non-Stop Air and Ground Ambulance Service
Leading Expert Medical Personnel Leading Expert Medical Personnel


Our company Dolunay Air – Ground – Sea Ambulance Inc. is managed by two shareholders Osman Demirşahin and Murat Gürses.

24/7 Medical Operation

Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir

Our company has 160-person staff consisting of medical alarm center staff, responsible managers, medical operators, doctors, paramedics, anesthesiology technicians, emergency medical technicians.

Dolunay Ambulans

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