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Dolunay Ambulance

We serve individual and corporate customers in ambulance health services in accordance with the norms of the Ministry of Health and international standards with modern equipped air and land ambulances.

Ambulans, gün batımı.

Ground Ambulance Services are of two types: emergency assistance and patient transport ambulance.

Ambulans uçağı.

Domestic and international services are provided with a fully equipped jet-powered ambulance aircraft.

gece, ambulans

Contact us in case of emergencies and patient transfer needs.

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Dolunay Ambulance

Founded in 2005, Dolunay Ambulance Services provides air and land ambulance services with its Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir branches.

With its high service quality, modern equipped air and land ambulances, it serves individual and corporate customers in mobile health services in accordance with the norms of the Ministry of Health and international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, you can visit our Blog page or contact us via our Call Center.

You can contact us 24/7 at any time of the day on issues such as ambulance rental and patient transfer.

You can also get information about the scope of Land Ambulance, Air Ambulance and Emergency Health Services from our call center.

Ambulances are of two types: emergency (red lane) and patient transport (blue lane) ambulances.

You can call an ambulance in cases where the patient needs to be urgently transported to the nearest health facility or transferred from one health facility to another health facility.

Emergency Ambulances have a team of 3 people consisting of a doctor or paramedic, emergency medical technician and driver.

With the decision taken by the Ministry of Health, it is forbidden to take an accompanying person in ambulances (except in some exceptional cases).

If the hospital requested by the patient meets the specified criteria, transfer to the hospital can be made with the approval of the Command and Control Center.

You can get ambulance rental service through many contracted institutions. You can contact our call center for fee and detailed information.

The patient can be transferred from one city to another city by determining the patient’s condition and suitability within the approval of the authorized persons. In addition, the transfer process can be realized when the treatment is completed and there is no critical situation related to the transfer.

Dolunay Ambulance call center numbers:

  • Ankara +90 (312) 432 5 432
  • Istanbul +90 (216) 408 1717
  • Izmir +90 (232) 616 0 112