Health Tourism

As Dolunay Land and Air Ambulance, our biggest goal with Health Tourism is to bring together our experiences and opportunities with the citizens of all countries. Thanks to this service, while contributing our country’s economy, it is our most important mission to meet the health needs with all our available means. In addition to being able to provide all health support in case of need with our land and air ambulance options, we help you to recover in a comfortable way by transferring from different countries. Our certificate, accredited by the Ministry of Health; includes bringing visitors from abroad intending to visit for health and offering all hospital organizations.

Our top priority is to contribute to the Turkish economy by enriching the health quality services offered in our country and our touristic and cultural potential to the world's countries. We continue to offer health with our 22 transport ambulances, 32 emergency aid ambulances and 1 aircraft, 1 helicopter ambulance. We bring you all the solutions you will need with our 4 funeral vehicles and VIP transfer vehicle service.

By announcing our efforts on Health Tourism, we will ensure all world citizens to benefit from our opportunities in Turkic Republics, European Countries, Balkan Countries, Qatar and Iraq.

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