Air Ambulance Services

We provide air ambulance service with fully equipped jet aircraft air ambulance within the country and abroad. Air ambulance medical crew consists of 1 doctor and 1 emergency medical technician/paramedic. Patient can be accompanied by a companion under proper circumstances.

Medical Equipment of Air Ambulance and Helicopter Ambulance:

  • Main Stretcher matching air and helicopter ambulance type
  • Fixed aspirator unit
  • 230 volt electrical system, invertor
  • Corpuls brand monitor, defibrillator (EKG, pulse oximetre, capnograph, calorimeter, adult and pediatric blood pressure cuff apparatus)
  • Mechanical ventilator suitable for adult and pediatric patient transport (Weinmann Medumat : PEEP, IPPV, SIMV, CPAP modes)
  • Infusion and injector pumps
  • Portable aspirator
  • Intubation kits
  • All medical equipmens, materials and drugs necessary for emergency patient transports are present at air and ground ambulances.

Reference : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health “Legislation of Ambulances and Emergency Health Cars and Ambulance Services” Attachment-3 Air and Sea Ambulance Minimum Medical Equipment, Equipment and Materials Qualification and Quantity at ambulances

Air Ambulance Operation

Patient’s medical report assessed and, if necessary, the doctor following the patient is consulted and the necessary transfer information is obtained.

Specific permits required for domestic and international flights (in accordance with civil aviation rules). This period for domestic flights is 1 hour.

In international flights, the patient and his relatives are applied for permission with their passport information, and permit procedures initiated accordingly. This period may vary between 1-4 hours depending on the country of destination. In addition, since "war zone supplementary insurance" is taken out for flights to risky regions, this situation effects both period and fee.

1 companion can be taken according to the patient’s medical condition during the transfer.

If necessary, a land ambulance at the place where the patient will be picked and delivered is organized by us.

Cabin pressure is available in our air ambulance aircraft patients suffering cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases and lung problems are safely transferred.

Patient Transfer in Chartered Aircraft

This service is rendered by Dolunay Ambulans A.Ş. 

Patients who are in good general condition but cannot travel by chartered aircraft sitting or generally without medical personnel a stretcher is placed at the back of the chartered aircraft with the permission of the airline company and transported as accompanied by a doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician.

There are monitors, pulse oximeter, emergency kit and all emergency medications tracking all patients’ findings according to the patient’s conditions in these transfers. When needed, oxygen support is provided to the patient with the oxygen cylinders requested from the Airline Company.

Generally, 12/24 hours is required for stretcher request in patient transfer by chartered aircraft and the aircraft must be able to transport stretchers for that line.

On stretcher flights, patients are taken the apron with the land ambulance and comes to aircraft’s back door and boarded to aircraft with the help of trucks and elevators waiting here on a stretcher.

Such equipment is available at all airports in our country. The patient is taken to the land ambulance in the same way at the airport of the destination.

If the waiting period is long for connecting flights The patient is followed in the clinics at the airport and boarded taken to the aircraft.

For patients transferred with a medical escort sitting without a stretcher, boarded to aircraft with a wheelchair boarding and getting out are also done via truck lift.


We provide air ambulance service with fully equipped jet aircraft air ambulance within the country and abroad. 

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