Funeral Services

This service rendered both in home and in abroad.

Domestic funeral transfer; our professional team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with air-conditioned and fully equipped funeral vehicles, in the city and intercity funeral transport and burial procedures.

International funeral transfer; Funeral transport services of foreign nationals who passed away in Turkey or our citizens who passed away abroad, offered by our team and through its wide international network in Turkey and all countries.

Taking the corpse from the place where it is located and transporting it to the morgue, preparation of the necessary documents, translation and consular procedures, notarization procedures, customs and cargo procedures are handled by our company. Land transfer from the airport to the destination of the funeral to the desired airport, is also carried out by our company in the country and abroad.

In addition, our company is a member of the FIAT-IFTA International Funeral Services Federation.


Funeral Services are offered as two different services, domestic and international transport.

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